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Oh Baby…


Baby News:

Today we have our very first prenatal appointment with the Austin Birthing Center. I’m excited and curious. I know that they do all of the same things that any normal OB/GYN would do. However, I’m just wondering what it will be like and what the midwives will be like. I’m not nervous…just curious. I loved Dr. Solomon so much, and he made me feel so comfortable. He seemed very knowledgeable, and I was always assured that I was in the best hands. I’m positive I’ll feel the same at our new prenatal home. I already feel like I’m in good hands. Being surrounded by a staff that supports your delivery decisions is a HUGE relief and source of comfort for a day that I’m definitely nervous about. Bryan’s parents are in town, and they are going to join us for our appointment. Well, they are coming along to see the facilities; they won’t actually join us in the appointment room. Hopefully, the birthing center has gotten all of our paperwork together including the most important piece…insurance!

We have our second Bradley Method class on Thursday. We’re covering nutrition and have been asked to bring a week’s worth of logged eating. Fine…I can easily handle that. However, I’m so not looking forward to this particular class. I already heard her telling someone to eat soy as we left last week. Oy! I’ve been tempted to skip the class all together and save myself the frustration and anxiety of having to listen to someone who clearly knows nothing about nutrition tell me how to eat, but I paid a lot of money for this class. I know she’ll cover other things as well, and I’d hate to miss those. The main focus is on eating protein, and that I wholeheartedly agree with. However, as soon as she mentions whole grains, you can be assured I’ll be screaming on the inside though I’ve vowed to remain clam and mostly quiet on the outside.

The baby has been moving around quite a bit over the past week, and I am loving it!

I’ve added new pictures to my ever growing pregnancy album.

The Weekend:

This weekend was very busy but also very nice. We picked Bryan’s parents up at the airport on Saturday night after an entire day of cleaning the house. We never did make it to cleaning the kitchen. Yesterday Bryan and I went to church and then picked up his parents for a meeting they had scheduled. Then we went somewhere to eat. It’s nice having them in town especially because I know Bryan misses them very much. I’m glad they can make trips to come and visit here unlike my family who I have to travel to visit every time. After we dropped his parents off, we had to trudge back down to Austin for some errands including grocery shopping. Not the funnest way to top off a weekend, but it’s nice to have a stocked fridge/pantry.


CrossFit has been a bit frustrating as of late. Being pregnant is very different…well, duh! It’s like I’ve borrowed someone else’s body, and it’s really weird. Sometimes I just can’t get going, and the times that I do feel like knocking it out, I remember that I have to be able to talk the whole time. So, I slow it down. I look forward to my comeback, and yet, I don’t mind the sacrifice in the least. I do know that my comeback won’t be easy or quick, but I look forward to it nonetheless. Every time I walk in for a WOD, I have to ask for modifications and substitutions which is weird for me, but I definitely want to stay safe and only do the things that are within my limits. Sometimes, I even get special WODS, but I don’t feel all that special. :/ Oh well, it’s temporary, and I can live with that. I just want to keep moving until I can’t which hopefully won’t happen during this pregnancy. I’d like to stay active till the end which can only help me stay strong during what promises to be the ultimate workout.

I’ve also been asked to take over the Speed & Agility class in January since the current instructor will be unable to continue to do their school schedule. I’m so happy! I finally get a chance to prove myself! It’s a kid’s class which is right up my ally. I have so many ideas! I’m really hoping to build it up into something amazing. I’d love to have a full roster. This class is great for any kid whose involved in ANY sport. They’ll see gains both in class and in whatever sport they participate. They’ll see gains just in everyday life! If you’re interested let me know. It’s pretty cheap too…and FUN! I want the kids to have fun while they train. They’re still just children after all.

Recent Pictures of the Cats:

TV time for Bella

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