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38 Week Appointment


We went to our 38 week appointment this morning. We met yet another new midwife. I didn’t like this one. She’s the first one that I haven’t liked. Maybe it was my sour mood…yay hormones, but I really hope she isn’t on duty when we go into labor. Otherwise, the appointment went well. I measured 38 weeks, the baby’s heartbeat was good, and the baby is still in a good position. Really there’s not much more to report. We are in a constant waiting game…waiting…waiting…waiting. Please come out, baby G!

Everyone has their predictions about when it might happen, but unfortunately, there’s just no way of knowing. I’d really like to know. I could be mentally prepared if I knew. The closer we get to the due date (4/23) the more anxious I become. Mainly this is due to the fact that Bryan’s parents are flying in that day, and I really hope I’m not still pregnant. That would really suck!

I still feel pretty good. I’m still working out and going about life as normal. I try my best to find things to do outside of the house with friends and Bryan to keep my mind off the fact that I’m still pregnant. It pretty much consumes my every waking moment sadly. It’s hard to think of much else. I feel huge, and I’m uncomfortable most of the time. Plus, I have a lot of contractions, but none of them are the real thing. I’m trying all of the typical stuff to get things moving, but I know that really it’ll happen when it’s ready. There’s not much we can really do. Even if we did nothing, I wouldn’t stay pregnant forever. Everyone says I won’t make it till the due date, and I really hope they’re correct. However, I’m starting to think I just might make it. It’s kinda of a stretch, but I hope the full moon that’s coming on the 17th helps if it hasn’t happened already.

Everything is ready for baby when baby decides to make his/her appearance. Things have been cleaned, washed, organized…you name it. The only thing missing from the nursery is a theme. We’ll wait to see which gender we’re dealing with first.

If you’d like to give a guess on the baby’s stats go here and search TheBabyBean:

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And here are some of the shots that a few of the photographers took of us:

They’re all very different, but each one is special to us. I can’t wait to get the actual pictures! That’s still some time away though.

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