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It’s Almost April!


Wow! It’s almost April! I can’t believe I’m in my last month of pregnancy. Let’s look at the facts so we can all get a sense of just how real this is. As of today I have:

  • 26 days left (until due date)
  • 3 weeks, 5 days left (until due date)
  • April starts on Friday
  • I’ll be full term on Sunday
  • currently in week 36 meaning I can deliver at the birthing center

Nothing is concrete though. It’s all up to little baby Goldstein as to when this countdown can finally come to a close. I’m definitely getting super excited though! Everyday brings me one day closer to being able to meet this tiny wonder of ours. It can’t come quick enough though I’d at least like to wait until April 3rd when I’m considered full term. So many of my friends have recently had their babies, and I’m getting very anxious for my time to arrive. We go for our next appointment with the mid-wife tomorrow. We should start to going weekly after that. That’s crazy! Going from a month to bi-weekly to finally weekly!

I’ve been buying baby stuff like crazy over the past couple of days. I’m really trying to finalize as much as possible as the time dwindles down. I just made a big Babies R Us purchase today after going to the store yesterday! We also got stuff from Target yesterday, and I’m going to try and hit up the local consignment shop soon.

Last week we had maternity shots done. I really wanted to capture my body as it is at this stage of my life. It’s long from glamourous, but it is mine. It’s a special time that I might never have again, and I don’t want to just rely on my memories to keep it alive. Plus, I’d like baby Goldstein to see them someday. I’m totally in love with my tummy and want to treasure it always even if it does come with some less than awesome friends like stretch marks. I’ve been keeping my own pregnancy progression, but wanted a more artistic touch so I hired someone. ¬†We did a two part shoot that included some partial nudes (how else can you capture the real essence of the body?) and some at the CrossFit gym where I train/work. Everett Christopher took all of these shots you can see here:

Maternity Shoot

Friday night I was glued to Facebook like normal when I spied this message:



Is there any pregnant mama out there (in third trimester) that can come out to the studio in Austin TOMORROW morning from 9am-12pm to model for our photographers? You’ll get free pictures!! Please contact me ASAP if you can.

I immediately responded. I really wanted this photographer to do our shoot, but alas, she’s far above our budget though she’s totally worth it. She’s amazing! She didn’t actually take any of the pictures. She runs workshops for professional photographers. She had lined up a lot of different types of people from babies to well, pregnant ladies for them to shoot on their last day. Their maternity model got sick, and I got really lucky. For 3 hours on Saturday morning, I got to work with 6 photographers. And best of all, I get free pictures from each one! I got to shoot in several settings and outfits. Plus, Bryan got to jump in some. The only down side is that I probably won’t see any until after baby comes, but needless to say, I’m excited to see and have them forever!

And lastly, please don’t ask me if I’m having twins. I know my tummy is very big, but I’m also very short so it’s got nowhere to go but out. I don’t know why this comment rubs me the wrong way, but it does.

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“It’s Almost April!”

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