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36 Week Appointment


We went to our 36 week appointment yesterday morning. Now we’ve reached the point where we’ll go every week until baby Goldstein decides to make his/her appearance which would be nice during week 38 if you ask me. (Hint, hint, baby Goldstein). The appointment went very well. I’d only gained 1 pound which was awesome news since I’ve really put my foot down on my eating habits. I’m still not strictly paleo, but I’m very close. The baby’s heartbeat was heard loud and clear, it sounded good and strong. The mid-wife said she believed that the baby was head down, but she wanted to do an ultrasound just to verify. Thankfully the ultrasound proved that this was indeed the case. Good job, baby Goldstein! I wonder how long baby will stay cooperative once exiting the womb? 🙂 I also got an internal examination which showed that baby had moved into a -1 station (+5 is crowning) and that my cervix had started to soften though dilation hadn’t occurred. The mid-wife told me some things I could take to help push my body in the right direction. Whatever it takes…

Here is the video that Bryan took of the ultrasound:

As always you can check out my ever-changing pregnancy progression album here:

Pregnancy Progression


In other news:

My kids’ speed & agility class is doing great. I’ve gotten even more kids! It’s exciting to see it grow, but it’s especially exciting to see the kids transforming and excelling. The kids seem to enjoy themselves, and most of them amaze me on a daily basis. Some of the parents have even said they’ve noticed a change in the performance on the field. I definitely love my job. I even have some cool stuff planned as soon as the baby arrives. There’s some stuff I’d like to implement into the class as well as expand the program. It’s a little much to take on though when you know you’re about to be off for a little while. I hope it’s not a long break, but I’ll definitely have to take some time. After all, it will be the biggest workout of my life! I already have someone lined up to cover my classes. Hopefully, the kids won’t like him as much as me. 😛

Here is a picture that one of the parents took of the class:


Lastly, if you’d like to keep up with what’s going on in my class check out my class blog.

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